Timothy Scott


The music of North Carolina native Timothy Scott Williams can evoke Bakersfield in the 1960s, the power folk ballads of the 1970s, today’s coffee shop pop, or the timeless sound of the mountains. What the songs have in common are hooky melodies and Tim’s
smooth Southern tenor vocals showcasing
compelling lyrics contributed by Tim’s
wife and co-writer Sarah Williams.




Latest Happenings

Bluegrass Today Review

In his review of “Dreaming Small” appearing in Bluegrass Today, Lee Zimmerman recognizes Timothy’s “ability to find common ground between bluegrass, country, and a more mainstream mantra” and credits him with possessing “an uncanny knack for parlaying earnest emotion into an otherwise unassuming setting.” You can read the full review at https://bluegrasstoday.com/dreaming-small-timothy-scott/

New CD “Dreaming Small” Available Now

Journey through the peaks and valleys of Southern life with this new collection of 5 original songs. Traditional bluegrass instrumentation adds a timeless appeal and sense of place. Learn more about the album or purchase your copy (physical or download) from our Store.

IBMA Songwriter Showcase Selection

The International Bluegrass Music Association has selected Tim and Sarah’s song “Down Below” for the 2019 Songwriters Showcase to take place in Raleigh NC during the annual World of Bluegrass convention in September. Tim is excited to be one of only ten songwriters chosen to perform in the showcase for artists, producers, and labels.