About Tim & Sarah

Timothy grew up in Charlotte North Carolina, within earshot of the Shuffletown Dragway. But what Tim was listening to were the classic country songs playing on the radio while his uncles worked on cars. He taught himself guitar as a teen and began writing his own songs while he was a college student in Chapel Hill. Moving back to Charlotte, Tim managed to work his day job as a postman and also play out at local restaurants and bars, all while writing and recording his original music. More recently Timothy found unexpected inspiration when he began playing the ukulele, which has since influenced many of his compositions.

Meanwhile Sarah was growing up on the North Shore of Chicago, where her father would play the Great American Songbook on the piano and instill in her a love of language and melody. After college she lived and worked in Chicago, soaking up the wide variety of live music available in the city.  As an attorney Sarah did plenty of writing, but she did not start writing lyrics until after she moved to Charlotte and met Timothy.

The couple not only found love, but a shared musical sensibility. What started as an occasional edit or suggestion from Sarah evolved into a songwriting partnership, with Timothy focusing on melodies and performance and Sarah primarily responsible for lyrics. The diversity in their backgrounds is evident in the broad range of genres and topics found in their catalog of original songs.

Tim and Sarah continue to hone their songwriting craft with the support of local music fans, the generosity of the songwriting community, and the mentorship of industry professionals. They regularly travel to Nashville for writing sessions and pitch opportunities, and also to record.  Tim performs in songwriter rounds and at local venues, and he and Sarah also lead a ukulele meetup group with more than 300 members.